I hear this question a lot from my patients, and for many years I didn’t have a good answer.

But I do now.

How did a cardiologist learn the secrets to healthy weight loss?

That’s easy.  My patients taught me. 

I never thought about weight loss much until my late 30’s.  Seemingly overnight, the all-too-honest mirror was telling me I was carrying too much weight around the middle.  Being a cardiologist who specializes in preventing heart disease, it wasn’t the healthy look I was hoping for.

I knew I had to change, but, frankly, I didn’t know how.  I tried a few of the popular diets, but either they didn’t work or I couldn’t stick to them.  It seemed I was well on my way to the inevitable “middle age spread”.


Then I met Don.

I first saw Don as a patient more than 10 years ago.  He was about my age, a successful business man whose blood pressure was too high.  His story was one I knew all too well; despite his best efforts, his weight and blood pressure were continuing to climb.  I gave him the standard advice – he should lose some weight and exercise more – and wrote him a prescription for blood pressure medication.  I recommended a follow-up visit in a few weeks.  But he never came back.

About a year later I ran into Don, though I hardly recognized him.  He had changed.  A lot!  

Don had lost close to 30 pounds and looked great.  Of course my first question was “How?”


I expected him to tell me about some great diet or supplement he had used to achieve his remarkable results.

Instead he simply said “I got an activity tracker, started walking more and stopped eating so much junk.”

Really?  That’s it?

I was happy for Don, though not optimistic it would work for me.  “It can’t be that simple.”

But I was intrigued enough to start asking every patient who had lost weight and kept it off how they did it.  I wanted to find the “secret” to lasting weight loss.  And I did.

Remarkably, almost each story was similar to Don’s.  Some combination of developing better habits around food and activity. The best summary was from a woman who had lost 40 pounds and kept it off for over 5 years and counting.  “I just did what I know works, but I stuck with it this time.” 

I understand if you think “That’s too simple” or “Tell me something I don’t know.”  I thought the same thing at first.  But I know now that it’s anything but simple.  Every day I see patients who are struggling to lose weight and get healthier and it’s challenging to do the things you need to do in today’s world.  Even when your life literally depends on it.  But I’ve learned healthy weight loss is achievable for everyone – including you – with the right strategy and support.

And that’s what my Healthy Community is all about.  Sharing proven strategies for lasting weight loss and better health from the best possible teachers.  Those who have done it.


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