Your Heart

Heart Health

Everyone is the age of their heart.

Guatemalan Proverb

Your Heart is amazing.  More than the muscle that pumps your blood, your Heart is at your center.  It’s your spiritual core.  Your Heart is what drives you, excites you and gives you purpose. 


If love is the meaning of life, it comes from the Heart

and how you take care of your Heart

will determine the length – and quality - of your life.

Fortunately, we know exactly how to keep your Heart healthy. Take care of 7 common sense aspects of health and your risk of heart disease is decreased by 80%.  Really, 80%! 

And the benefits don’t end with the Heart.  These 7 good health factors cut your risk of stroke by 50%, your risk of cancer by a third and are the most effective ways to prevent dementia. 


Yet knowing what keeps the heart healthy hasn’t been enough.  The truth is we are losing the war on heart disease.  Sure we have amazing procedures and medications, but they can only do so much. 

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the world with over 9 million deaths each year from heart disease (about 1 death every 3 seconds). 

How can this be?  How can the leading cause of death and disability be mostly preventable and yet remain the leading cause of death and disability? 


How do we not all know the 7 good health factors that dramatically decrease the likelihood of heart disease, stroke, cancer and dementia?  Why is that not taught in schools, touted on TV, radio, Google and Facebook ads every day?

Those are good questions, and no doubt the reasons are complex, but one factor undoubtedly is that a lot of money is made when we are sick. 


The financial success of the tobacco industry, the fast food industry, the soft drink industry, the healthcare industry, the pharmaceutical industry and many others depends on you making choices that make your heart sick.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  You don’t have to pay the bottom line of big industry with your life.  Your future health is in your hands and the "H" Factor is about keeping your heart in the game. 


7 simple steps that protect what is most important to you. 

1.  Be Active

2.  Avoid toxic food - Highly processed foods that are typically high in white flour and       sugar

3.  Avoid toxins - tobacco, drugs, excess alcohol

4  Prioritize sleep

5.  Manage stress

6.  Be socially connected.

7.  See your doctor - take your medicine, get screened.


My goal is to build a healthy community of informed people sharing up to date information, dialogue and techniques about keeping your heart from being a statistic.

Because You – and your Heart – deserve it.

R. Todd Hurst, MD, FACC, FASE